Swiss edu-ID: phase 2 approved

Published on 06.07.2015

SWITCH has been given the green light for the next phase of theĀ Swiss edu-ID project by the Programme Management of SUC P-2. SUC P-2 is a programme of swissuniversities, the Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities. This second phase will begin at the start of August this year and run until the end of December 2016. Its main aim is to implement Version 2 of the Swiss edu-ID, which incorporates new features. The groundwork will now be done to link the Swiss edu-ID platform with the university infrastructures and provide support for authentication protocols other than SAML, which will enable access to non-web-based resources. The SWITCH community will remain actively involved in the development of the Swiss edu-ID to ensure that it is successfully integrated within the Swiss universities.

The Swiss edu-ID is based on SWITCHaai. It is a lifelong academic identity that opens up new possibilities for managing personal data and access information. It also constitutes a key component in new nationwide services that are being developed as part of theĀ SUC P-2 programme (German and French only).

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