Infomaniak sets DNSSEC standards for Switzerland

Geneva-based registrar Infomaniak has the highest number of DNSSEC-signed domain names in Switzerland, with 38`053. SWITCH honoured this achievement with its first Swiss DNSSEC Pioneer Award.

Text: Séverine Jagmetti, published on 18.10.2018

Virtually every transaction on the internet begins with a DNS request – whether it’s visiting a website, sending an email, instant messaging, or online banking. DNSSEC is an expansion of the DNS system using digital signatures. But why are these additional signatures needed?

Manipulation of the Domain Name System (DNS) enables attackers to redirect internet traffic – for example, web traffic or emails – to a server under their control. However, if a hacker attempts to manipulate the information sent to a DNSSEC-signed domain name and to return a fraudulent response, the fraud can be detected by checking the digital signature. This intermediate step guarantees that internet users do not end up on dangerous websites and become victims of phishing, for example.

As a registry, SWITCH has been providing DNSSEC technology since 2010. At present, 2.5 percent of all .ch domain names are DNSSEC-signed. In order to guarantee this security in the long term, SWITCH and OFCOM replace the DNSSEC signature keys for .ch and .li domains with newly generated ones each year.

Infomaniak signs domain names with a single click

The Swiss DNSSEC Pioneer Award is given to organisations and individuals that offer outstanding services related to the implementation and promotion of DNSSEC, and thereby make the Swiss internet safer.

The first Swiss Pioneer Award was presented to the Geneva-based registrar Infomaniak. Infomaniak is the first registrar in Switzerland to sign newly registered domain names with DNSSEC as standard. By making this technical process available at a single click, Infomaniak has shown that it is implementing this technology for the good of its customers and of all Swiss internet users. SWITCH would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Infomaniak on its achievement once again.

What do I need to do to use DNSSEC?

No action is required on your part as an internet user. If your internet provider supports DNSSEC, the signatures are always verified on the provider’s DNS servers.

If you are the domain owner and would like to protect your domain name with DNSSEC, you can select a registrar / host who will sign your domain name with DNSSEC. Some .ch registrars let you do this with just a single click.

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