"We forget that the toaster's a computer."

Security experts Mikko Hyppönen and Serge Droz identify the cyber threats of the future.

Text: Anja Eigenmann, published on 04.02.2016

During a brief break in the schedule at Domain pulse 2016, Finnish keynote speaker Mikko Hyppönen of F-Secure and Serge Droz of SWITCH discussed cyber threats. They talked about how security risks have changed over time and where the dangers will lurk in cyberspace going forward.

Both agree that the lion's share of current online threats are the work of organised criminals seeking financial gain.

Both also believe that the Internet of Things will give rise to significant risks. Seemingly harmless consumer devices like remote-controlled toasters and solar panels could act as a gateway giving access to private and corporate networks. "The Internet of Things isn't the target, it's just the way in," stresses Hyppönen.

He also warns that terrorists could attack infrastructures that have up to now been of no interest to cybercriminals because they offer no scope for making money. He cites examples such as plants used to treat waste water, manufacture foods and generate power, which are computer-controlled, critical and vulnerable.

Droz and Hyppönen conclude that we need to find new ways to protect our systems. This is not going to be easy.

The video below is an excerpt from the two security experts' discussion about future challenges.

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Find new ways to protect our systems: Mikko Hyppönen (left) and Serge Droz (SWITCH) in a discussion at Domain pulse.
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