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SWITCHconnect: universal Internet access

University members take access to their university's network for granted. SWITCHconnect ensures that they can benefit from the same access at many institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

No technical problems hindering mobility

Setting up access to your university's local network on your laptop once and then being able to work on it wherever you go – this is the kind of mobility people want these days. The roaming service SWITCHconnect makes it possible. In this instance, roaming means that you can use other local wireless (Wi-Fi) networks just as easily as your own university's. Simply boot up your laptop, and you're online straight away, regardless of where you happen to be.

Worldwide education roaming

Thanks to eduroam, your Wi-Fi access details from your home university are valid at lots of others all over the world. Every organisation participating in eduroam identifies guest users as university members by means of a federated RADIUS infrastructure and provides them with free access to its network.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots in Switzerland

SWITCH has teamed up with a number of commercial operators of public Wi-Fi hotspots (sometimes called PWLAN) so that university members can enjoy free network access in as many off-campus locations as possible. Special software lets them communicate within a virtual private network (VPN) and thus set up a secure connection to the university network and the Internet for free at more than 2,500 hotspots. This VPN client software is supplied by the university along with the login.

You can find a list of participating universities in Switzerland and abroad as well as public Wi-Fi partners here.

Services at a glance
  • Acquisition of roaming partnerships
  • Technical support for IT departments
Benefits for users
  • Worldwide access to the university network
  • Free access to your home university's network at a large number of public hotspots
  • Simple login 


SWITCHconnect Support


Further information for users and IT departments.