SWITCH's Computer Emergency Response Team protects your critical ICT infrastructure against cyber attacks. It gives an early warning of threats and recommends countermeasure.

SWITCH-CERT – a leading national centre of expertise

SWITCH-CERT currently protects members of the Swiss academic community, holders of .ch and .li domains, Swiss banks and, by its very nature, the entire Swiss Internet community.

SWITCH operates the Swiss research and education network, a backbone with more than a quarter of a million active devices, as well as the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure for .ch and .li. It also supports companies in various Swiss industries in fighting attacks on their assets.

This unique combination of activities allows SWITCH-CERT a head start in protecting its customers. Its expert knowledge and huge international partner network gives it the ability to act before problems escalate.

Switzerland's independent multi-sector CERT

Early detection of threats, protection against IT security risks and defence against cyber attacks: we provide unrivalled threat intelligence, connect experts and pool resources from the operators of critical infrastructures.

Success through collaboration

The professionalisation of cybercrime, combined with the growing trend towards digitalisation, means that the threat landscape is highly dynamic. The required level of protection can only be achieved through close collaboration. Doing it alone is no longer an option. SWITCH-CERT enjoys a unique position in Switzerland and has the experience needed to make this collaboration possible:

  • Neutral: A neutral position and high transparency as a foundation funded by the Swiss Confederation and the university cantons
  • Trusted: A position of trust in the Swiss security community and close cooperation with relevant organisations in the private and public sectors, e.g. MELANI
  • Experienced: 20-year record of success in creating and supporting communities at the highest level of trust
  • Connected: Around ten years of success in moderating cooperation and sharing experience within a group of Swiss banks, some of which are classed as systemically important
  • Pioneers: A pioneering role in collating and sharing high-quality, locally relevant threat intelligence
  • Up to date: Threat intelligence processed and enhanced in tactical, operational and strategic terms
  • Partner: SWITCH-CERT is an active member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and was the second team to receive full Trusted Introducer (TI) certification.

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SWITCH-CERT brochure "Switzerland's independent multi-sector CERT"

Security Awareness

SWITCH is supporting the Swiss Internet community by establishing security awareness platforms and offering services to raise awareness.


First layer of protection – The SWITCH DNS Firewall protects all devices effectively before a connection is established to any malicious systems.

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