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On the physical layer, SWITCHlan brings together universities and research institutions from all over Switzerland. SWITCH also ensures that they are connected with the Internet and integrated in academic networks worldwide. What is it that makes the SWITCHlan academic data network so unique by comparison to commercial suppliers? The answer is quite simple: the people at SWITCH who design, implement and operate the education and research network with a great deal of commitment and passion. 

Always reachable

The highly qualified employees at the SWITCH NOC (Network Operation Center) are always pleased to assist their customers. SWITCH reacts rapidly and flexibly to disruptions and changing requirements. Specific customer wishes are attended to in a rapid and straightforward manner.

SWITCHlan facts and figures

  • 3000 km of optical dark fibers
  • 75 Points of Presence (PoP's)
  • 3 upstream providers at 3 locations
  • Hundreds of peerings at 4 Internet exchange points
  • Redundant customer access connections from 300 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s
  • 10 to 12 Petabytes of data transfers per month (120 to 140 PB per year)


  • Redundant IP access connections for research and education in Switzerland
  • Point to point connections and multi-point Ethernet networks
  • Private optical connections using dedicated lambdas

SWITCHlan Monitoring

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This link brings you to the SWITCH community portal where you can find detailed statistics and information about your services.

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