Young people use SWITCH edu-ID for e-media

The Zentralbibliothek Zürich has connected 60 high schools and vocational schools in the canton of Zurich to its electronic services. This grants a total of 60,000 upper-secondary level students and their teachers access to a comprehensive collection of e-media via the SWITCH edu-ID.

Testo: Rolf Brugger, pubblicato il 08.05.2023

The Swiss Library Service Platform, the Canton of Zurich’s Office of Secondary and Vocational Education, the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB) and SWITCH jointly developed the e-media service in March 2023. The SWITCH edu-ID gives students and their teachers access to electronic media. The SWITCH edu-ID is a personal, universally applicable digital identity in higher education and beyond. To gain access to the e-media service, students create a SWITCH edu-ID, store their school e-mail address and register with the Zentralbibliothek with a single click. They can then log in to access a vast collection of scientific e-media.

The key to scientific information

Monica Bronner, Head of the Media Library at Kantonsschule Hottingen, says of the new program: ‘Access to the ZB’s electronic media is a big deal. Students will find scientific information that is freely available. This is an excellent addition to Google, Wikipedia and the like. The SWITCH edu-ID is therefore the key to scientific information, so to speak, and it helps reduce research effort so that they can use the time they gain for their project work.’

Info and links

Zentralbibliothek Zürich

Digithek, the research portal for secondary and vocational schools in Switzerland (in German)

Swiss Library Service Platform

swisscovery, the national platform for scientific information

Office of Secondary and Vocational Education of the Canton of Zurich (in German)

Rolf   Brugger

Rolf Brugger

Before joining SWITCH, Rolf Brugger worked as an Advisor and Product Manager at the Swiss Virtual Campus. He is now the Product Manager SWITCH edu-ID.


About SWITCH edu–ID

SWITCH edu-ID is the personal digital identity of all university members and other users. It can be used universally at all universities and beyond. SWITCH edu-ID remains valid indefinitely and supports lifelong learning.

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