Fraudsters demand money for pseudo-registration

Beware of cybercriminals: Currently, many owners of .ch Internet addresses receive e-mails from cybercriminals. They pretend to be a registry or trademark authority and appear under names such as IDS Schweiz or DNS Schweiz.

Pubblicato il 18.06.2020

The fraudsters claim that someone is trying to register the same internet address as your .ch address, but under a different domain extension - for example .com or .co (example of such an e-mail in German). As the owner of the .ch address, however, you would have a right of first refusal and could thus avoid possible damage. You will be asked to pay a massively overcharged registration fee as soon as possible.

SWITCH recommendation

Registries or registrars (SWITCH's list of accredited registrars) never send such or similar e-mails in which they ask customers to pay sums of money under time pressure. Do not respond to such e-mails, mark them as SPAM and fill out the Zurich Cantonal Police's notification form via the link below.


Warning with further information from the Zurich Cantonal Police and registration form (in German only):