New: Data Protection Officer at SWITCH

Data protection is a top priority at SWITCH. The growing importance and complexity of data protection law is being taken into account with the new Data Protection Officer (DPO) post. Anna Kuhn is taking on this function.

Pubblicato il 22.06.2021

"Schrems II," GDPR, marginal data storage, ePrivacy Regulation, the revised Federal Act on Data Protection: The world does not stand still in the area of data protection law. On the contrary, new case law, laws, regulations, and directives are the order of the day. Combined with the shift of entrepreneurial activities into virtual space - video conferences, cloud solutions, proctoring, you name it! - the compliance requirements are becoming higher and more complex.

SWITCH takes data protection very seriously. The foundation always strives to ensure that the community services and internal processes comply with data protection requirements. To address the challenges mentioned, SWITCH has decided to create a Data Protection Officer (DPO) position. Together with the legal team, the DPO at SWITCH will be responsible for internal data protection compliance and advise and monitor the company on data protection issues.

Anna Kuhn will take over the DPO function at SWITCH. Her previous role as General Counsel will be taken over by Nora Zinsli, who will form the legal department at SWITCH, together with Angelo Marchetta. Anna Kuhn will remain Secretary General of the foundation and take over the product management of the SWITCHlegal consultancy, which she will run for our community together with Nora Zinsli.

SWITCHlegal will thus remain the contact point for the university community, including for legal issues, and will continue to organise WG ICT Law meetings in the future. The new set-up will intensify cooperation in the area of data protection. Community members who have already engaged DPOs are welcome to contact directly to plan possible future collaborations.

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