Report phishing

Phishing attacks call for a quick response. All e-mail users in the Swiss academic community have their part to play in the fight against this kind of cybercrime, and to help you do so there’s an easy-to-use SWITCH tool for reporting dangerous websites found in phishing e-mails.

The problem

Phishing mails catch 25% of their victims in the first hour after they are sent, and 50% fall into the trap within four hours. This shows how crucial it is to recognise phishing attacks as quickly as possible.

The solution

SWITCH provides the Swiss academic community with a simple web form that allows users to report dangerous URLs promptly and easily. The reported URLs are verified by security engineers in a timely manner, and a list containing the dangerous URLs is sent to all institutions enabling them to protect their users from these malicious websites.

This web form is specifically tailored to the needs of our community. It is even better than similar third-party tools, which in some cases only cover phishing attacks against a single organisation. The AAI login also makes sure that the reports can be trusted. And, most importantly, it helps in forwarding the reports to the targeted institutions even faster.

How you can help

If you receive a phishing attack, please report the URLs contained in the e-mail to us as soon as possible.

Go to the form

Open the form and submit the phishing URL