National Workshop on the European Student Identifier

As requested by Swiss universities, SWITCH organizes and hosts a national workshop with the aim to develop a common perspective for the European Student Identifier (ESI) in Switzerland. The scope of the workshop is to clarify administrative processes for incoming and outgoing students. Technological aspects might come up, but are not in the focus.

Date and Location

Thursday March 2nd, from 13:30 to 16:00

Participation options:

  • in person at SWITCH Office in Zurich:
  • Remotely via Zoom


  1. Roundtable: quick introduction of participants
  2. Héloïse Perrin, Movetia
    ESCI - Political Context (~15min)
  3. Christoph Graf, SWITCH
    A Journey from our Values to ESI (~15min)
  4. Participating Universities (see table below):
    Present student mobility plans that potentially involve ESI usage (~5-10min each University)
  5. Rolf Brugger, SWITCH
    Current state of ESI implementation in SWITCH edu-ID (~10min)
  6. Discussion:
    • Identify areas of interest
    • Identify tasks for next steps
    • To address tasks, identify volunteers or existing structures
  7. Conclusion

Invited / Participating Universities

University participating will present ESI
plans of university
online in person
ETH Zürich  DK, SM CF, AR, AY  
Movetia   EP  
OST PB    
Uni Basel NH, GZ, UK, AK    
Uni Bern MW, MP, PS, FC, CH   Presentation
Uni Fribourg VF, NM    
Uni Genève DS, PR, VC   √ 
Uni Lausanne FA, MP, SK    
Uni Liechtenstein      
Uni St. Gallen AH, PW, MB, MP    
Uni Svizzera Italiana GTC, MF, IJ  
Uni Zürich AS, AW  GK, MK, RM Presentation
ZHdK   SK  


We ask the participating organizations to use their network and to make colleagues from other universities aware of the workshop. The workshop is intended for student mobility offices at EPFL, ETHZ, cantonal universities, universities of applied science and universities for teacher education.

For questions or feedback about this event contact

Meeting summary and follow-up

A detailed protocol was prepared and sent to the participants via email. Here is a summary of the most important outcomes of the workshop:

  • numerous university mobility offices see a potential in ESI and would like to implement it as soon as possible.
  • IT services are interested in a sustainable and resource-saving implementation.
  • There is still no consensus on how the ESI should be implemented: 3 universities prefer an ESI with a national scope, while the others have not expressed an opinion or would first like to think about it in more detail.
  • The question of implementation is to be examined in greater depth in a working group, and a proposal is to be drawn up. SWITCH will organize this working group and send out invitations to the workshop participants.