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Together for greater capability, convenience and security in the digital world

Working for a better digital world


SWITCH as an independent partner, connects and aggregates the know-how of all stakeholders in and beyond the academic world. SWITCH works with them to develop and enhance comprehensive ICT solutions that add value for everyone involved.  

Our mission 

SWITCH is an integral part of the Swiss academic community.

Based on our core competencies

SWITCH offers collaboratively developed ICT solutions that empower users in and beyond the academic world to achieve leading edge results in a globally competitive environment.

The purpose of the foundation

SWITCH was founded in 1987 under private law by the Swiss Confederation and the eight university cantons that existed at the time: 

"The foundation has as its objective to create, promote and offer the necessary basis for the effective use of modern methods of telecomputing in teaching and research in Switzerland, to be involved in and to support such methods. It is a non-profit foundation that does not pursue commercial aims." (Excerpt from the deed of foundation, Berne 22 October 1987)

Our customers

SWITCH community

Swiss universities on tertiary level (academic sector) and their research institutions.

Extended community 

Other organizations involved in research or education such as hospitals or libraries.

Commercial customers

Registrars of .ch- and .li-Domain-Names, Swiss financial institutions, research-related industry and government.


Good to know


employees work for the private-law foundation


university members benefit from SWITCH services

since 1997

SWITCH has supported the Swiss economy in the fight against cybercrime through CERT

>8 Mio.

people – Switzerland as an overall business location – rely on SWITCH’s services around the clock in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

>2 Mio.

.ch and .li domain names – among the safest in the world – are registered with us. Critical infrastructure: Switzerland would come to a standstill without SWITCH!