X.509 certificates for the Swiss higher education sector

SWITCHpki is a public key infrastructure for organisations in the Swiss higher education sector (institutions at the tertiary level) and provides its participants with X.509 certificates for a broad range of applications. The following pages cover the details of the SWITCHpki service:

Features: an overview of the types of certificates available through SWITCHpki

Participants: a list of the organizations (universities) participating in SWITCHpki

Sign up: information on how to join SWITCHpki as a new organization

Certificate Management: how to request new certificates, and renew or revoke existing ones

Documents: legal documents relating to SWITCHpki, and archived RA operator meeting slides

SWITCH statement on «QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G2» issue impacting multiple customers

15.1.2021 - Unfortunately, the SWITCHpki team has to report that a number of our Certificate Services clients have been experiencing problems with the higher-level intermediate certificate, QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G2, since this morning.

QuoVadis informs about this issue here and recommends to replace intermediate certificates.

In addition, SWITCH sends the necessary information to the SWITCHpki RA operators at the institutions so that they in turn can inform their administrators on how they can download their certificates again, this time with a valid ICA attached.

Any question concerning this issue should be directed to pki@switch.ch, with a cc to your local RA admin.

SWITCHpki Team