IT for Research Day 2018

We will present you with new perspectives in this special event. SWITCHengines, which was developed for the needs of Swiss researchers, is being enhanced in the SCALE-UP project (for a short summary see Both projects were granted start-up funding by swissuniversities’ program “Scientific information” (P-5). SWITCH and swissuniversities will seize the occasion to give you more information about the project for a Coordination Office for Scientific Information (COSI), scheduled to be operative from 2021 onward.

Wednesday 19 September 2018, 10:00 - 17:00h
University of Berne, Main Building, Kuppelraum (Sitemap)


Please apply early, as we will attribute the seats on a “first come - first serve” basis.
The number of places is limited to 100.

Registration closed


Welcome Coffee (09:30 – 10:15)
Opening Session (10:15 – 11:30)
  • Opening Remarks
    Konrad Jaggi, SCALE-UP Outreach, SWITCH
  • Welcome from the University of Berne
    Prof. Christiane Tretter, Director Mathematical Institute / Science IT Support
  • Welcome and Update from the program «Scientific Information» and SWITCH
    Kilian Stoffel, president of the steering committee 'Scientific information' for swissuniversities
    Andreas Dudler, managing director of SWITCH 
  • Scientific IT as an Enabler at the University of Berne
    PD Dr. Sigve Haug, Head of Scientific IT at University of Berne
  • Imaging, analysis and visualisation of information processing in single biological cells
    Dr. Maciej Dobrzynski, Institute for Cell Biology, University of Bern
National Shared Infrastructures  (11:30 – 12:30)
  • Data storage at CERN
    Massimo Lamanna, head of data and storage at CERN
  • Building long-term storage (LTS) as foundation for research data
    Ann Harding, project leader LTS, Doron William, solution architect SWITCHengines
LUNCH (12:30 – 13:30)

National Shared Services  (13:30 – 15:00)

  • The Swiss Mooc Service
    Patrick Jermann, project leader SMS and executive director CEDE
  • Manage your research data: it's (still) worth it !
    Pierre-Yves Burgi, project leader DLCM and deputy CIO at University Geneva
  • Data and Service Center for the Humanities DaSCH
    Lukas Rosenthaler, project leader DaSCH and director digital humanities lab
  • FORSbase for social sciences – going to the next level
    Stefan Bürli, project leader FORSbase and research information expert 
COFFEE BREAK (15:00 – 15:30)

New developments (15:30 – 17:00 approx.)

  • How SCALE-UP has changed SWITCHengines
    Jens-Christian Fischer, teamleader SWITCH
  • High-end teaching for high-end research
    Geoff Fucile, bioinformatics trainer, sciCORE / SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • Use cases from the Swiss Data Science Center
    Sofiane Sarni, program manager, SDSC
  • Closing Remarks
    Konrad Jaggi, SCALE-UP Outreach, SWITCH