SWITCHengines Events for Researchers and Lecturers

Registration for Events in June 2015

Events for Researchers and Lecturers in Lausanne and Zurich

SWITCHengines is the service for self-service virtual machines and storage currently running a pilot phase. SWITCH invites researchers and lecturers from the Swiss Higher Education Community to introduce the service to them.

The presentations will cover the service and include a hands-on session so attendants can get practical experience with the service.

For whom is the event?
  • Researchers and Lecturers of the Swiss Higher Education Community with a need for IT resources
  • Researchers and Lecturers using cloud services for ther academic life or being interested in using them

Ideally, attendants have experience with basic administration of Linux systems.

Place and Date
  • Lausanne, Université de Lausanne (Amphimax building, room 414): Tuesday, 2nd June 2015 13:45-17:15
  • Zurich, SWITCH: Tuesday, 9 June 2015 13:45-17:15
  • Cloud activities of SWITCH
  • What is SWITCHengines?
  • Use Cases with SWITCHengines
  • Hands-on session of SWITCHengines
  • Status of the service and roadmap
  • Q&A and next steps

The event is also open to members of university IT services.