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Ensuring long-term benefits for clients by focusing on their needs

SWITCH is an integral part of the Swiss university landscape, empowering both academic and non-academic users to achieve excellence. Innovation management plays a central role here.

At SWITCH, innovation management is focused on continually improving existing services as well as tapping into new potential, all the time taking account of users’ needs, our strategic orientation, our core capabilities and future technological developments.

We work in partnership with clients and are firmly embedded in the community, which gives us a strong foundation on which to drive innovation forward. All ideas are systematically recorded on an ongoing basis and carefully aligned with our strategic focus areas. Ecosystem partners are brought on board in a targeted manner to help us evaluate selected ideas, decide how to proceed and produce simple prototypes as quickly as possible. We review progress and collect user feedback every step of the way to ensure that we can make corrections where necessary to maximise the benefits for the entire community.


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