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Here you will find information on SWITCH's governing bodies and organisational structure. Information on the Management Board can be found here.

Foundation Council

The Foundation Council consists of 40 members and is SWITCH's highest governing body. Its tasks include strategically managing the foundation's activities in line with its purpose. Besides the federal government and the cantons with universities, the Swiss universities and education policy authorities are represented on the Foundation Council.

Members of the Foundation Council

Foundation Committee

The seven members of the Foundation Committee are elected by the Foundation Council. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Foundation Committee simultaneously hold the same functions on the Foundation Council. The Foundation Committee's remit is to prepare the Foundation Council's ongoing business and meetings and to put forward proposals.

Jeannette Frey, Rahel Imobersteg, Mario Gay, Peter Kofmel, Thomas Sutter, Hans-Peter Egli, Dr Alexandre Gachet (f.l.t.r.)

Peter Kofmel

Chairman of the Foundation Council, attorney at law and notary public

Thomas Sutter

Member of Foundation Committee, CIO and representative for the University of Zurich

Jeannette Frey

Member of Foundation Committee, Director of the Bibiothèque Cantonale et Universitaire Lausanne (BCUL) and representative for the Swiss Library Network for Education and Research (SLiNER)

Dr Alexandre Gachet

Vice-Chairman of the Foundation Council, Director of IT Services at the University of Fribourg and representative for the canton of Fribourg

Rahel Imobersteg

Member of Foundation Committee, Head of Higher Education Policy Division at swissuniversities

Hans-Peter Egli

Member of Foundation Committee, administrative director of Technical University Rapperswil (HSR) and representative for the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland

Mario Gay

Member of Foundation Committee, Head of IT Services at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)