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eduhub: the national e-learning forum

All universities are getting to grips with new learning technologies. SWITCH's online platform eduhub.ch brings e-learning specialists together to promote cooperation and the exchange of information throughout the Swiss e-learning community.

How can IT-based learning processes be supported most effectively? Which technological developments are of interest and beneficial to teaching? What is the best way to implement new learning technologies? What experiences have other universities had? The online platform eduhub.ch delivers the answers to these questions and more.

A diverse community with a common goal

We created eduhub.ch in 2008 to offer networking and assistance to e-learning specialists from all Swiss universities – lecturers, researchers, e-learning support staff and anyone else with an interest in the subject. The community currently has around 900 members. All have made a voluntary commitment to the common goal of making learning environments as attractive as possible while ensuring that new learning technologies are put into practice in a sustainable way at Swiss universities. Membership of eduhub.ch is free. All didactic, pedagogical and technical content is selected by the community itself and uploaded to eduhub.ch by SWITCH.

Offering influenced by latest findings

SWITCH operates the website, moderates the contributions, provides collaboration tools and organises a range of activities:

  • eduhub days: an annual e-learning conference
  • eduhub webinars: monthly webinars hosted by members on hot topics in e-learning
  • special interest groups: regular meetings of working groups focused on specific real-world projects
  • eduhub blog: featuring articles by members
  • eduhub newsletter: weekly newsletter with content from more than 30 national and international sources

The use of new learning technologies at Swiss universities is one of SWITCH’s strategic goals, so SWITCH welcomes the findings from these events, which then flow into the development of the following services, among others: SWITCHcast, SWITCHinteract and SWITCHportfolio.


Welcome aboard!