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The blogs allow our experts to share their knowledge and experiences. As a rule, our blog entries are written in English.

Transformation Blog 

In the Transformation Blog, you will regularly gain an insight into our experiences, our findings and the lessons learned from the transformation at SWITCH. The education, research and innovation community – and the world around us – is in transformation as well. This blog helps us to exchange information, enter into a dialogue with you and learn from each other. 
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Network Blog

We would like to give you an insight into the day-to-day work of the network team with this blog. Here you can read background reports on technical aspects, including project results and experiences as well as findings and lessons learned from incidents.
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Identity Blog

The Identity Blog puts the spotlight on identity management, digital identities, identifiers, attributes, authentication and access management. Here you will find articles on current developments relating to SWITCH edu-ID and SWITCHaai, as well as in-depth background reports and practical guides.
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Security Blog

CERT keeps you up to date on current IT security topics in the Security Blog. Here you will find background and technical articles, conference reports, awareness campaigns and links to the burning security issues of the week.
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