AAI Workshop - November 2000

In November 2000, SWITCH organised a two day workshop on AAI.

Date & Location

Date: Monday 20. Nov 2000 (afternoon) - Tuesday 21. Nov. 2000 (lunch)
Location: Studienzentrum Gerzensee

Agenda & Presentations

The detailed agenda includes links to the slides of most presentations given at the workshop.

Topics presented/discussed

  • Brief introduction into AAI terminology
  • Presentations of projects requiring AAI
  • Presentations of AAI pilot activities
  • Brief presentations of possible technical solutions (no extensive vendor presentations planned)
  • What does the academic community in other countries?
  • Brainstorming: What should be achieved by when?
  • Next steps
  • Discussion


  • Creating awareness for the need to establish a common authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI) within the Swiss academic community
  • Identify the roles and players in a AAI covering the Swiss academic community
  • Streamline the AAI-activities already being undertaken right now
  • Identifying the needs for co-ordination tasks and clarify the role of SWITCH

Intended Audience

  • Representatives of all parties involved in designing and implementing processes relevant to AAI tasks within the Swiss academic community. In particular, representatives from both the administrative and edu/research IT departments were invited to attend.