AAI and SAP Integration

Workshop held on February 8th 2010 in Zurich

This workshop was held in order to demonstrate the participants how SAP can be used together with AAI (Shibboleth) using two different approaches. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The meeting also was held to share experiences about the different SAP infrastructures and their operation.
After the workshop Franck Tournier (UNIL) provided an link to an interesting SAP user group called HERUG. It consists of many higher education institutions (also some Swiss organizations) operating SAP and thus may be interesting for other organizations intending to use SAP in the future.

Introduction about integrating AAI (Shibboleth) with web applications
Lukas Hämmerle (SWITCH)
AAI SAP Integration with Header Variables
Daniel Emch (UZH)
AAI SAP Integration with the SAML1 Artifact Profile
André Hunziker (ETHZ)
André Wahlig (ETHZ)