AAI Info-Day, 21 Nov 2006, University of Bern

The AAI Info-Day 2006 included an AAI project overview, an update on achievements during 2006 and an outlook to 2007. Guest speeches were given by Bernd Oberknapp from the University Library Freiburg (Germany), Wolfgang Lierz from the ETH-Bibliothek and Cédric Gaspoz from University of Lausanne.

AAI Introductory Tutorial
  • Basic introduction for participants new to SWITCHaai and Shibboleth
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
Valéry Tschopp, SWITCH
Patrik Schnellmann, SWITCH
AAI Status Update
  • Federation Members and Partners
  • Usage of SWITCHaai
  • Subsidized projects
  • History of SWITCHaai
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
Group Management Tool - An Add-on to Authorize Groups
  • Organizing groups of AAI users
  • Ways of authorizing with the GMT
Lukas Hämmerle, SWITCH
ArpViewer - A New Approach to Privacy and Data Protection
  • Features of the ArpViewer
  • Structure and implementation
Christoph Witzig, SWITCH
AAA - Adding Accounting to AAI
  • Pilot projects overview
  • WebSMS
  • Monitoring and Usage
Patrik Schnellmann, SWITCH
AAI for German Higher Education - The Library's Perspective
  • Project AAR
  • Shib-enabling providers
  • AAI activities in Germany
Bernd Oberknapp, University Library Freiburg
Transparent Access to e-Journals Using AAI, SFX and EZProxy
  • Pilots
  • Configuration samples
  • Key benefits
Wolfgang Lierz, ETH-Bibliothek
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
International Update and eduGAIN
  • Shibboleth used internationally
  • eduGAIN
  • Bridging element
Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH
MarMix - An Application of AAI in a Prediction Market
  • Overview prediction markets
  • How MarMix benefits from SWITCHaai
Cédric Gaspoz, University of Lausanne -HEC
SLCS - Access to the Grid with AAI Identities
  • Authentication and authorization on the Grid
  • SWITCHslcs
  • Status of SWITCHslcs
Christoph Witzig, SWITCH
Assurance Levels - Asserting the Quality of Identities
  • Why assurance levels
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Pilot at SWITCH
Lukas Hämmerle, SWITCH
Outlook to 2007
  • Increasing the footprint of AAI
  • Shibboleth 2/SAML 2
  • Non-browser applications
Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH