AAI Info Day 2005

AAI Info Day, 29. November 2005, University of Bern
The info day included an AAI project overview, an update on achievements during 2005 and an outlook to 2006. Guest speaker was Mikael Linden from Finland who presented how the HAKA federation was established in Finland.

AAI Introductory Tutorial
  • Basic introduction for participants new to SWITCHaai and Shibboleth
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
Valéry Tschopp, SWITCH
Patrik Schnellmann, SWITCH
AAI Status Update
  • SWITCHaai federation, AAI Test federation
  • Production infrastructure and migration
  • International activities
  • SUC subsidized projects
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH
Data Protection, Privacy and the AAI Resource Registry
  • Aspects of data protection and privacy
  • Resource Registry
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH
  • High availability
  • Preselection and remembering the user's Home Organization
  • Other features
Lukas Haemmerle, SWITCH
Federated Identity in Finland
  • History and status of the HAKA federation
  • Resource providers in the federation
  • Future plans
Mikael Linden, CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science
Outlook 2006
  • Universities of applied sciences
  • Digital library contents
  • AAI (Accounting)
  • Inter-federation approaches
  • Shibboleth 2/SAML 2
  • Non-browser applications
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH
Patrik Schnellmann