AAI Info-Day 2004: Agenda

Tuesday 7. December 2004, University of Berne

AAI Intro & Status
Introduction to AAI Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
AAI Project Status
International Activities
Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCH
E-Learning Systems using AAI
Open Source LMS OLAT Mike Stock, Florian Gnägi, Uni Zürich
WebCT CE via AAIportal Beat Müller, ETH Zürich
AAIportal/VITELS/WebCT Vista Marc-Alain Steinemann, IAM Uni Bern
A Home Organization Showcase
Active Directory - Jump Start Service
Martin Vögeli, ZHW
Patrik Schnellmann, SWITCH
Outlook and Wrap-Up
e-Journals Thomas Lenggenhager, Valéry Tschopp, SWITCH
Activities in 2005 Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH
How to get involved Ueli Kienholz, SWITCH

All slides available in PDF format: Follow the links in the table above.